Photo History 2022

Photo History 2022

Photos from North Country Arts & Crafts Workshop 2022! If you have photos you would like included on this page, please e-mail them to:

Quilting Basics

A great new hobby

Zig Zag Beaded Jewelry

Bracelet or earrings!

Needle Felting on Wool

Learn the basics of needle felting.

Wireweave a Pendant

Each bead has its own beauty!

Woven Stars

Easy introduction to basketry, great as a wall grouping or Christmas tree decoration!

Baskets, baskets, baskets!

Lots of basket projects!

Baskets for Beginners

A choice project!

Alcohol Ink Flowers

Fun floral masterpieces!

Beaded Bracelet

A party on your wrist!

Iristible Iris

Paint flowers in vibrant shades of blue and purple!

Pebble Art

An earthy wall art piece.

Carve a Walking Stick

Find the diamonds Mother Nature grew for you!

Paint a Gnome

A charming fellow to greet people at your front door!

Stencil & Paint

Perfect little gifts!

Mosaic Art

New life to broken dishes, tiles, and other glassware.

Gnomes 2.0

Sooo cute and sooo Scandinavian!


Learn the basics, lots of patterns to create your own special art work!

Paint a Barn Quilt

Decorate the exterior of your shed, cabin or home!

Carve a Gnome

Discover a wood spirit!

Paint a Cabin Scene

Paint a cabin in a snowy pine tree setting.

Paint a Birch Scene

Paint a birch tree set in a snowy woodland site.

Bentwood Boxes

Students learn to make bentwood tines, made of thin strips of wood. "Tine" is Norwegian for "box."

Valdres Rosemaling

Three days of painting flowers inspired by the Valdres region of Norway.

Break Time!

Listen to the cook - an ethnic experience awaits!