Photo History 2019

Photo History 2019

Photos from North Country Arts & Crafts Workshop 2019! If you have photos you would like included on this page, please e-mail them to:

Minnesota Basket Tray

A basket just for the land of 10,000 lakes and trees.

Bentwood Boxes

Students learn to make bentwood tines, made of thin strips of wood. "Tine" is Norwegian for "box."

Fun Falls Flowers

Students enjoy a half day to learn watercolor techniques and tips.

Poured Floral Painting I

Students learn how to "pour" paint, a great way to get some fun in your painting process using acrylic paint.

Pair of Pine Tree Placemats

The instructor is gathering all the fabric and batting for the project, which yields TWO placemats!

Our "oldest" Instructors

Mary, Maureen, Monie


The meals are AWESOME!


Meal Time!!

Scandinavian Gnome

Students make a set of adorable gnomes that are too cute for words!

Paint A Barn Quilt

Students paint this two foot square primed plywood to decorate the exterior of a shed, cabin, or home with a quilt pattern.

Northwoods Sunset

Students learn acrylic techniques to paint a forest scene. 

Northwoods Sunset

Class Photo.

Gorgeous Gourds

Students turn gourds into works of art!

Beaded Suncatcher

Students made a lovely beaded suncatcher using wire wrapping techniques.

Greeting Cards

Students designed several unique greeting cards using Micron pens and watercolor pencils.

Pebble Art

Create an earthy wall art piece using very small nature-washed stones, glass and bits of this and that.