Linda Autrey, 218-759-0869 
Alcohol Ink Ornaments, 3 hours, Wednesday am or pm 

Barb Bjerke, 218-556-9698
 Pine Cone Votive Candle Holder, 3 hours, Thursday am or pm 

Ivy Bailie, 218-280-2272
Large Market Basket - beginners, 6 hours, Tuesday
Apple Basket - intermediate level 6 hours, Wednesday 

Jane Bellefy, 218-556-4437
Telemark Rosemaling, 18 hours, Tuesday through Thursday 

Frank Bera, 218-556-2794 
Diamond Willow Walking Stick, 6 hours, Tuesday 
Wood Spirit Carving, 6 hours, Wednesday

Hal Bitzer, 219-434-1611
Bentwood Boxes, 12 hours, Wednesday and Thursday 

Jean Castle, 218-586-2884 
Two Gallery Tours & Quilt Shop, 3 hours, Tuesday pm

Grace Garland, 218-759-2952 
Friendly Fall Chickadee, 3 hours, Wednesday am or pm 
Whimsical Watercolor, 3 hours, Thursday am or pm

Lily Hadrava, 218-556-4320 
Porch Sign, 3 hours, Tuesday am or pm 
Round Welcome Sign, 3 hours, Wednesday am or pm 

Diane Hetland, 701-789-0184 
Landscape Quilting, 6 hours, Wednesday 

Jody Johnson, 218-766-4032
Saami Leather Bracelet, 3 hours, Thursday am or pm

Aletha Kenney, 218-657-2502
Nalbinding Mittens, 6 hours, Tuesday

Jamie Lee, 605-381-4333 
Pebble Art, 3 hours, Tuesday am or pm 

Bonnie Lundorff, 218-759-2310 
Fun With Wool Ornaments, 3 hours, Tuesday am

Annette Meyer, 218-308-0290 
Northwoods Splendor, 6 hours, Thursday 

Karen Nistler, 218-760-5610  
Pan Cozy's, 3 hours, Tuesday am or pm
Two Bowl Cozy's, 3 hours, Wednesday am
Rope Pottery Wrapped Bowl, 3 hours, Wednesday pm

Lanee Paulson,  218-368-8595
Felted Flowers, 3 hours, Thursday am

Kathy Sanders, 218-556-0887  
Tree of Life Pendant, 3 hours, Wednesday am
Wireweave a Pendant, 3 hours, Wednesday pm 
Gorgeous Gourds, 6 hours, Thursday 

Les Sanders, 218-556-3521 
Woodburning, 6 hours, Tuesday 
Watercolor Pencils, 3 hours, Wednesday am 

Kathy Vesely, 612-804-2491 text
Maui Bracelet & Earrings, 3 hours, Thursday am or pm