Wood Carving

Carve a Cane or Walking Stick

Frank will teach you how to carve the bark off the diamonds on your stick to reveal the colors of the bark and how to smooth the shaft by carving and sanding. You will finish your walking stick with a coat of sealant.

Students bring: knife, #5-1/2" gauge, #3 -1/4" gauge. Call Frank if you don't have tools

Kit cost: $15.00 - $20.00 depending on # of diamonds.

6 hour class, Tuesday
Instructor: Frank Bera 

Wood Spirit Carving

Frank will teach you how to carve one of his favorite carving projects - a wood spirit. You will begin with a 2"X6" block of wood and carve a wood spirit of your liking. Some spirits look like nisses, some look like trolls, some look like people. Prior woodcarving experience is recommended for this class.

Students bring: carvers will want to bring their own tools, knife, gauges 1/4" - 1/2". 3 mm to #11, kevlar gloves, thumb guard, compass, small ruler

Kit cost: $5.00.

6 hour class, Wednesday
Instructor: Frank Bera

Carve a Wolf or Eagle Feather

Les will teach students how to carve and paint a 10" basswood wolf or eagle feather. All tools and supplies will be provided by Les, so no need for carving tools. This would make a great gift for family or friends, so sign up today to carve this creative project.

Kit cost: $15.00

6 hour class, Thursday
Instructor: Les Sanders