Ethnic Art

Telemark Rosemaling

This year, Jane Bellefy, an award winning rosemaling artist, will guide you in painting flowers inspired by the Telemark region of Norway. Beginners will learn brush strokes practicing on cardboard, then move on to completing the Telemark design on a 12" backgrounded plate. More experienced painters will add a decorative border on the plate rim. 

Students bring: Your own oil brushes - filbert #6, chisel #4, liner #1 or #0, and a paint shirt or apron. Brushes will be available for purchase.

Kit cost: $25.00.  

18 hour class, Tuesday through Thursday
Instructor: Jane Bellefy 

Bentwood Boxes

Bentwood boxes have been used for centuries in the Scandinavian countries for storing kitchen staples, including butter. 

Bentwood boxes are made of thin strips of wood, soaked in order to bend them, then given a shape. Your bentwood box will have a lid also. This year, Hal will soak and prepare the wood for you to complete your box in just two days! 

Students bring: sandpaper (sizes 100, 120, 200) sharp wood carving knife, C-clamps and spring clamps. Also rasp, files, electric hand sander, wood chisels and awl if you have them. Instructor has some tools to share. 

Kit cost: $20.00. 

12 hour class, Wednesday through Thursday 
Instructor: Hal Bitzer